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Finding Your Way

At KnotMagic, we care if our clients are having sleepless nights worrying about their business, employees, and future revenue. It’s deeply rooted in who we are.

Are you in a constant rotation of working “in” your business instead of “on” it? Do you need to establish consistency in your workflows and accountability to help grow your revenue and team?

You’re in the right place. KnotMagic enjoys working with servant leaders — business owners, senior executives, and entrepreneurs — to answer what’s next and how you’ll get there to expand your business.

Revenue wins and the growth of your team are most important to us. We don’t judge where you are at. We’ll listen to understand what has worked well, so we align the right path, program and resources.

We’ll even teach you and your team how to do it, so your system is successful and sustainable.



“My sales team is consumed with existing customers”

You have spent time dreaming of a new customer base to grow the business and provide more security. We take the challenge in helping you define that and test what works quickly in those markets.


“We aren’t consistently
meeting our goals”

Too often business plans become daunting and overcomplicated. We simplify the approach to one page to create accountability and make progress.


“We need to attract
better customers”

You already have customers that fit you best. We help businesses define, clarify, and prioritize that type of customer so you can go get more of them. Otherwise, it’s a moving target.


“I don’t see an ROI on marketing”

Let’s be real. Your sales and marketing efforts need to have a productive relationship, resulting in an increasing sales line that compliments funds spent on marketing. If not, what’s the point? We will help you identify the gaps and connect your marketing efforts to achieve sales goals, AND delight customers.


“My team needs to work together”

You want your team involved to sustain improvements and so do we! Sales and marketing systems need a collaborative approach to delight the customer. We “get under the hood” of your current systems to help you diagnose what and who is most important to connect.


“I need help to build my team”

We know that each member of your team is important to you. We take the time to learn from your team, the market, and competitors. From there we can work with you on talent brand messaging, recruitment marketing, and professional development plans.

What Our Clients Say…

Proven Success

Experienced in manufacturing, professional services and non-profit organizations.
Increased sales revenue. Enhanced company culture. People growth.
New customers. New markets. New products.
Energized and engaged teams.

Increase in Non-Profit
Revenue In One Year

5 Million in Revenue Creating a Medical Division Start Up

First Year
Podcast Downloads

We Believe - Your Team is Your Brand

We believe that the growth of an organization only happens quickly when the team is aligned to the purpose of the organization. Because regardless of their role, everyone plays a critical part in new business and ongoing customer delight. It’s about inspiring collaboration and working towards the common goals for your customer and your organization.

KnotMagic exists to provide business owners more security and fewer sleepless nights.

We simplify the pathway by connecting growth-minded team members to a consistent and sustainable sales and marketing system.

And we will have fun doing it!

Helping The Community Runs Through Our Veins

We believe in making an impact not only for our business clients but our community as well. Whether it’s mentoring entrepreneurs for ScaleUp MKE and BizStarts, hosting a women owned business podcast or just volunteering our talents with non-profits, we give back. It’s just part of who we are.

We would love to hear about your contributions to the community, too! If you need us to help you promote your cause as part of our volunteer work, drop us a line.

Together we will make this world better than we found it.

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Need suggestions on how to simplify what’s next for your company?

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