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Why KnotMagic?
Because, it’s Not Magic, and We Will Show you.

As an owner or executive, you are called upon to wear lots of hats, essentially touching every functional area of the business. And every day, you have the best of intentions to take that next step and make progress on your growth plan both with your customers and your team.  Then reality sets in, you get swamped working “in” the business and putting out fires instead of working on your strategic plan and where to grow next.

Finding and securing new revenue growth can be hard. We know because we’ve done it. That’s why KnotMagic was created. To untangle the complexities of business development and to support business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs by reducing the number of sleepless nights spent worrying about revenue growth and how to build a team that can sustain it. We make choosing the path clear, promote action and accountability, and learn as we go to continuously improve.

Meet Julie. Lifelong Learner. Coach. Implementer.

Julie is naturally curious, savvy in business, and a lifelong learner.   She thrives on a good challenge.

Throughout her career, she’s been fortunate to work for businesses on the cutting edge of cultural change. Leading different functional areas from HR, quality and training to sales and marketing, allowed Julie to not only learn how to successfully grow businesses, but also how to align the team and talent to accelerate revenue growth.

Yet, she wanted more worry-free sleep at night, not constantly thinking about the revenue line. Too often she saw her businesses get stuck because their plans got overly complicated, causing conflicting priorities for the team and inactivity on where and how to grow next. Now, KnotMagic clients are benefitting from Julie’s 25 years of business experience, her team and network of experts, and her passion for growing businesses.

Meet Hana. Writer. Content Creator. Researcher.

Hana is an innovator by practice, evolving strategy, leveraging the latest tools and trends, and learning new skills in order to improve processes, find efficiencies and achieve results. She is passionate about crafting compelling stories that captivate audiences and drive business growth through creativity and strategic thinking. Hana specializes digital marketing, brand messaging, and conducting research.

She finds joy in teaching clients how to harness the power of their marketing programs, dedicated to helping businesses streamline their marketing efforts to meet their goals efficiently and with maximum impact. Hana is also the producer of the Women Who Open Doors podcast and loves to keep the team on their toes! 

Meet Jennifer. Builder. Organizer. Connector.

Jennifer is a marketer by trade having helped startup, emerging, and Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies achieve national recognition and sustainable growth. She brings 10 years of experience in effectively building brand foundations, steering brand perceptions, and managing strategic initiatives for service and product organizations. 

Whether it’s defining brand messaging, developing a functional website, orchestrating logistics for events, or creating visually appealing content, she prides herself on looking at challenges as opportunities. Jennifer is a time management and organization guru having led lean marketing departments through complete re-brand initiatives, brand and product launches, and employee engagement campaigns. With her roll up the sleeves attitude, she enjoys connecting resources, coaching teams through processes, and being the cheerleader in the room to get work done. 

Meet Lisa. Planner. Developer. Collaborator.

Lisa is a communications professional with 16 years of experience in marketing, client relations, project management, business development, event planning, and training. She has led partnerships with high-profile clients in fast-paced environments through thoughtful exploration, innovative development, and quality execution.


She loves collaborating and inspiring action with diverse teams to maximize project scope and budget. She is passionate about the minutia, ensuring accuracy and expediency through all project phases. She is accountable and transparent, proactively problem-solving, finding efficiencies, and finding smart solutions to business problems. 

Meet Madeline. Pathfinder-in-Training.

Madeline recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a degree in marketing. During her studies, she delved into various aspects of the field, including copywriting, graphic design, research, and metrics. She particularly enjoys tapping into her creative side while working on diverse projects and leveraging social media to create unique posts and gain audience insights. A hands-on learner, Madeline thrives on diving into tasks to discover what works and what doesn’t. She is eager to learn and explore all facets of marketing even further!


A Cross Functional Team Fit To Your Budget

Simply put, we walk the talk, and we have the experts to do it.  While our main focus is new revenue and team development, we realize that a business is multi-dimensional.  Our team includes marketing agency experts, sales generators, system analysts, market researchers, business coaches, and strategic leaders.  But we don’t want you to budget with that in mind.  Our structure is set up to bring in the talent or even connect you to the talent separately based on the challenges you present.

Matt Gerber

Creative Director - Websites

Dean Bressler

Creative Director - Design

Jennifer Studebaker

Copywriter / Content Strategist

Paul Schulz

Strategy Coach

Molly Fedak

Digital Ads & Analytics Expert

Kathy Scherbarth

Team Development Coach

Shawntell Taylor

Bookkeeping Consultant

Our Customer Promise.
Accelerating Your Business and Talent.

We are always transparent and authentic.

We build in learning, so your system is successful and sustainable. 

We’ll listen to understand where you’re at in your business, so we align the right path, program, and resources.   

We measure to track progress because we aren’t afraid to guarantee results.

We like to have some fun, otherwise, what’s the point!

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