Beth Ridley

Beth Ridley, Founder and CEO of Ridley Consulting Group, challenges us to find the simple joys in work and be more involved in the process. In this episode, Beth discusses the importance of evaluating the tone you are setting as a leader, why people leaders should be valued and encouraged in organizations, and the benefits of applying positive psychology. And while Beth is a leadership and workplace expert, she is also a speed skater, has lived worldwide, and is a very exclusive part-time chauffeur of two. 

Julie Hoover

Julie Hoover, Executive Director of Family Sharing of Ozaukee County, has worked as a commercial pilot, been in sales, and is now leading a non-profit. It only makes sense she describes her career as a patchwork quilt! In this episode, she shares how her quilt came together, ultimately finding her way to Family Sharing. She discusses the challenges, joys, and importance of community. Hoover’s passions also include greyhound adoption. You might find her Lizzy hanging out in the office on quiet days!

Emerald Mills

Emerald Mills of Diverse Dining is the founder and lead visionary behind the Turning Tables initiative. She aims to break barriers faced by food entrepreneurs in the Milwaukee area with her restaurant and teaching kitchen. In this episode, she shares her transformative journey and gets honest about learning to trust the process and the challenges of opening a new business. She also shares the dynamics of how she and her fiance work side-by-side. Her inspiration to impact the community is endless, and we can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

Marissa Kalkman

Marissa Kalkman, Executive Director of the Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI), leads from the core belief that inclusive wellbeing is vital for all – individuals, the workforce, organizations, and our communities. She shares her road trip through the midwest, ultimately finding her way to Wisconsin and becoming a part of WCWI. Marissa discusses WCWI’s role in changing the narrative and leading the discussion for the wellbeing of Wisconsin’s workforce. Also, learn how Marissa’s core beliefs help her juggle this crazy thing we call life!

Lori Highby

Lori Highby, CEO and Founder of Keystone Click, is the definition of a doer. She began her entrepreneurial journey in 2008 at the start of the recession by sending snail mail! She has been able to build a thriving business since, crediting culture, growth, and education to her and her team’s success. Lori discusses why she decided to start her own business, what it was like being a woman business owner starting out, and her passion for manufacturers! She also shares how her dad has been an impactful figure in her life and how her community involvement honors his memory.

Kathleen O’Leary

Kathleen O’Leary, Retired CEO of Wisconsin State Fair Park, shares how her journey in life has been colorful, from getting her start in the beer industry to becoming Wisconsin State Fair’s first female CEO. Kathleen discusses how she navigated being a woman in leadership, the legacy she has left, and the importance of finally stepping back while sharing advice for the next generation of women taking the helm. However, her story isn’t over as she steps into the next chapter of her life.

Kelley Kempel

Kelley Kempel, Owner & Creative Director of Hidden Path Creative, shares how she never pictured herself as an entrepreneur but over time found that it fit her passions and lifestyle. Kelley discusses how she finds joy in bringing her “big brand knowledge” and experience to help small to medium-sized, product-based businesses with their brand and packaging needs. She also talks about how she has found community by being a member of TEMPO Milwaukee and shares her love for hiking.

Tara Laatsch & Christin Cilento

Tara Laatsch & Christin Cilento, Co-Owners of CityTins, LLC, share how their company was born from a casual meeting on a playground and a yearning for more fun and interesting fundraising options for their daughters’ elementary school. In this episode, not only will you learn about their entrepreneurial journey but also the impact they have made in the community. Get a more intimate peek into the amazing friendship and partnership that makes CityTins tick! 

Brittany Ballweg

Brittany Ballweg, Founder & Owner of Dolphin Swim Academy, shares her inspiring journey from jumping in the pool at age 8 to overcoming hurdles to build her own million-dollar pool facility where she teaches swim safety to children and adults. This is an amazing story of perseverance, finding one’s passion, achieving dreams, and giving back to the community.

Marjorie Rucker

Marjorie Rucker, Executive Director of The Business Council, is a power connector! She shares how her role allows her to bridge the gap between minority-owned enterprises and large corporations. She also chats about her experience being named a Women of Influence by the Milwaukee Business Journal, and her advice to small businesses.