Christina Wegner

Christina Wegner, VP of Marketing for the Vollrath Company, shares her words of wisdom for small businesses embarking on their marketing journey, but she is so much more than just her title and expertise. Christina is an advocate, outdoors person, and active community member. Listen now to learn what gives her the energy to work hard and play hard.

LaTasha Langdon

LaTasha Langdon, Creative Owner & Founder of Divine Destinies Life Skills, LLC, sits down with Julie this week to share how she empowers and helps youth and young adults achieve their personal and professional goals through her entrepreneurship. Listen now to learn about the power and influence of one!

Ellie Georgetta

On this very special episode of Women Who Open Doors Julie is joined by her daughter, Ellie Georgetta, who is a recent psychology graduate of the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Ellie shares the ups and downs of her time in college, while also giving listeners an intimate look at her relationship with her mother! Listen now to hear Ellie’s story and what she plans to do next!

Erica Turner & Heidi Wheeler

On this episode of Women Who Open Doors Julie is joined by Erica Turner and Heidi Wheeler, Creators of Bridge the Divide. Bridge the Divide is a grassroots effort that began in a small suburb of Milwaukee because of a beautiful friendship and is a forum for discussion and action around racial repair, reconstruction, and eventually, reconciliation. Listen now to learn how to get the conversation started in your own community!

Kenge Adams

Kenge Adams, CEO, and Founder of Connect Business Consulting sits down with Julie this week to share how she is bridging the gap in corporate social responsibility by connecting corporations to philanthropic work and maximizing their impact on the community. Also, are you scared to take that leap of faith in your own entrepreneurial efforts? Listen now to find out how Kenge found passion and success in her work by following what she was good at! 

Emily Phillips

Get ready to get inspired by this episode of Women Who Open Doors! Julie had the pleasure to sit down with Emily Phillips, a Financial Advisor at Baird, and Immediate Past President for Professional Dimensions, who is breaking glass ceilings in her career. Emily shares the hard realities that entrepreneurship is tough, but not totally impossible with community support, financial planning, and believing in yourself. Listen now to hear Emily’s wealth of experience. 

Sandy Ceron

On this episode of Women Who Open Doors, Julie is joined by Sandy Ceron, President and CEO of Expert Coatings & Graphics. Sandy exudes passion in everything she does and it’s contagious! Growing up in the family coatings business instilled in Sandy a collaborative leadership style, a commitment to excellence, and an unwavering dedication to her customers that has only strengthened over time. She is equally as passionate about giving back and working in her community. Listen now to hear the inside scoop on how and why her company operates like a symphony!

Maggie Joos

Maggie Joos, Owner of the Real Good Life, joins us this week to share how she found her passion in life (spoiler: it’s not 100% about cooking). And how community engagement, creating the perfect team, and balancing life around work are the secret ingredients helping her business thrive!

Ashley Town and Danielle Gagliano

Ashley Town and Danielle Gagliano of Bay View Printing join us this week to share their views on what it takes to have a successful business partnership, the magic of good timing, and how to be intentional about expanding the business.

They are a dynamic business duo impacting their community in unique ways for their customers while continuing to live their professional passion. Learn their secret sauce.

Julia Taylor

Julia Taylor, President of the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC), joins us this week to share how she finds life lessons through her art and the impact GMC makes on the Milwaukee community through collaboration with other community organizations, city officials, and businesses. Julia highlights the importance of bringing the Milwaukee community together to improve the lives of those less fortunate through the powerful work of the GMC!