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At KnotMagic, we’ve seen great strategies not executed and measured well and the inability to develop an actionable plan. The two are always disconnected. We are grounded in the philosophy that success comes from strategies rooted in insights and pressure tested with data.

We believe it’s about being resourceful and proactive to short-term needs while gaining insights and learnings and offering improvements for the long haul. Ultimately, connecting your team to the work results in sustainable business growth.

The figure eight knot is one of the strongest knots. Super easy to tie and simple to see if it’s connected correctly. And that’s how we have designed our process.

Declaring the Destination.

KnotMagic assesses potential opportunities both inside and outside your organization. We’ll sit down with you to discover your needs while getting “under the hood” to understand your organization better and where you want to go. We become an extension of your team, becoming invested in your success.

Charting the Course.

Our team will reveal the common thread. KnotMagic provides resources to streamline your business systems and methods to empower your team. We will build a simplified 30-60-90 day plan with actionable steps and recommendations.

Implementing the Plan.

We can execute and test the established plan for you or help coach your team on how to do it in-house. And we even create a metrics dashboard for us to review and inform the next steps.

Adjusting the Course.

We see ourselves as long-term collaborators always there to keep you moving forward. Our team will expand, maintain, and improve the plan based on measured results unique to you.

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