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Simplify. Strengthen. Coach.

At KnotMagic, we embody the entrepreneurial mindset. We are nimble, responsive and flexible. We believe it’s about being resourceful and proactive to short-term needs while gaining insights and learnings, offering improvements for the long haul. But the answer to accelerating growth is connecting your team to the work.  

Our process is fluid. We meet you where you are in your business and leverage what you’ve already invested in first. No fancy bells and whistles. Just simplified and proven strategies, connected to your team. Delivering your business more security and fewer sleepless nights.

Less than 10% of all organizations successfully execute their strategic plan.

– Forbes

Gather Insights.

  • Employees, Customers or Partners
  • Market Trends and Competitive Analysis
  • Your Strategy, Your SWOT
  • Metrics (pipelines, social media, etc.)
  • Technical Systems (CRMs, Marketing)
  • Individual and Team Assessments

Reveal The Common Thread.

  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Brand Messaging Architecture
  • Facilitated Single Page Strategic Plan
  • Integrated Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Sales and Marketing Team Structure
  • Professional Development Plans

Practice It. Implement It. Improve.

  • Monthly 30-60-90 Day Strategic Action Plans
  • Sales and Marketing Tactic Execution
  • Key Sales and Marketing Metrics Dashboard
  • CRM and Marketing Automation Integration
  • Leadership and Team Coaching

Single Page Starter Ideas

Spend an hour with us and we will provide 2-3 potential ideas on where you can get started, even if you don’t pick us. 
We love the process of a new challenge!