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Ready to See ROI on Your Business Efforts?

We talk with business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs every day that feel they aren’t getting the ROI they want on their marketing investment. It’s because stand-alone tactics don’t drive leads, revenue, or repeat business.  

Return on your investment will come from establishing a system where sales and marketing work collaboratively to attract and nurture leads throughout the sales process, continuing even after purchase. For the system to be sustainable, sales and marketing must be aligned. It’s about connecting and engaging the team with the activities, measuring and improving as you go. Proper business development is the answer to propelling your business to success. Contact us for a complimentary half-hour of our time and we will give you suggestions on where you might start, even if you don’t choose us.  

Belief: Simplify the Strategy

Do you need to attract talent that adds to your culture?

Simplified Talent Brand Messaging

 Attract the employees that contribute to the growth of your organization. Highlights Include:

  • Research Insights From Your Competitors, Team Members, and The Market
  • Talent Messaging Brand Pillars and Proof Points

Do you need revenue line security with a new market?

New Market Diversification

Simplify the new direction and create an action plan with insights, metrics, and recommendations so you can hit the ground running.  Highlights include:

  • Competitive Research and Market Analysis
  • Pilot Sales and Marketing Campaign Plan and Implementation

Belief: Strengthen Your Brand’s Results

Would you like to receive ROI with your marketing efforts?

Pilot an Integrated Campaign

Integrate your sales and marketing plan to your Ideal Customer Profile. Then we’ll pilot the efforts.
Highlights Include:

  • Three-month Pilot Campaign Plan (Digital, Print, Calling) and Implementation.
  • Metrics Analysis and Next Step Recommendations.

Is your team connected to your sales and marketing processes?

Connect People and Processes

Improve the strength between your marketing and sales technical systems and your team, so you can analyze what’s working and what’s not.  Highlights include:

  • Gap Analysis of Marketing Metrics, Sales Pipeline and Marketing Systems.
  • Current and Future State Map Recommendations.

Belief: Coach and Engage the Team

Is your team aligned and working toward common goals?

The Stick to It Strategic Plan

Sustain your strategic efforts.  Create an action and accountability process with metrics tied to a one-page strategic plan.  Highlights include:

  • Achievable 30-60-90 Day Action Plan with Metrics
  • Team Coaching and STUCK Software Accountability Program

Are you carrying the entire weight of the business?

You Have a Partner

Accelerate the growth of your company through development of your team to allow you to work “on” the business.  We promise it’s the answer. Highlights include:

  • One-on-one leadership coaching
  • Team leadership development

Wondering how we connect these services to your business and team? 

Need suggestions on how to simplify what’s next for your company?

Fill out the form for a complimentary half hour with us, even if you don’t pick us down the line!