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Is Your Business In Knots?

As a small business owner, you wear many hats, touching every business area. You are the Head of Operations, Sales, and Finance, and probably sweep the floors too. Your sales may be down, and you desire to grow your revenue but lack resources and time, or you may not know where to start developing a go-forward plan. At KnotMagic, we believe sales and marketing must be aligned. It’s about connecting and engaging the team with the activities, measuring and improving as you go.

KnotMagic dives into your business to learn what makes you unique. We organize your business, create a revenue model, and assess potential opportunities. Together we’ll simplify the plan, creating a strategy to increase sales revenue with palatable actionable steps.

Potential Deliverables: 

Documented Business Model

Created Sales Forecast

Marketing, Sales & Talent Assessment

One Page Sales and Marketing Plan

Need suggestions on how to simplify what’s next for your company?

Fill out the form for a complimentary half hour with us, even if you don’t pick us down the line!