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Do You Need to Give Your Culture a Voice?

Your company story is already being told, whether you’re aware of it or not. It affects who you hire, how your employees feel, and the perception of the business. You must attract, retain, and engage current or future talent as a business. It can be challenging to achieve these goals because of biases, a lack of resources and time, or you may not know how to begin uncovering your culture’s voice.

KnotMagic dives into your business to discover what makes you unique. We can deliver a clear view of company offerings and values, develop targeted messaging for your team and future employees, and validate your story. Together we’ll simplify the plan to connect your communication and team goals – ultimately creating a strategy to create alignment within the organization with palatable actionable steps.

Potential Stage Deliverables

Declaring the Destination.

  • Ideal Employee Profile
  • Culture Story – Messaging
  • Talent Strategy Recommendations
  • Communication & 360° Team Assessment
  • Validation Survey Results
Charting the Course.
  • Website & Social Recommendations
  • 90-Day Actionable Plan
  • Professional Development Plans
Implementing the Plan.
  • Job Descriptions
  • Digital Marketing, Content Development, & Testing
  • Hiring Interview Questionnaire
  • Team Coach or Training
  • Employee Handbook Editing

Adjusting the Course.

We see ourselves as long-term collaborators always there to keep you moving forward. Our team will expand, maintain, and improve the plan based on your unique needs.

Need suggestions on how to simplify what’s next for your company?

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