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Do You Want to Strengthen Your Leadership Team?

It’s nothing new – your human capital is essential to your business. Your leadership team sets the tone for your organization – productivity, culture, and strategic goals. As a business owner or C-Suite executive, it can be challenging to carve time out for your team and identify opportunities for personal and professional alignment. Accelerate your company’s growth by investing time and energy towards your team’s growth plans so they feel valued and supported. You and your team can more effectively work “on” the business and not just “in” it.

KnotMagic acts as an extension of your team by providing individual one-on-one leadership coaching. We discover what makes your employees unique, how they learn the best, and where they need support. Together we’ll develop a personal development plan, pulling from various assessments, customized for the individual.

Potential Deliverables: 

Self & Team Assessment Surveys

One-on-One Coaching

DiSC Profile Assessment

Professional Development Plan

Need suggestions on how to simplify what’s next for your company?

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